Wife, Mother, Musician, Teacher, Wanna-Be Gardener and FanFic Writer.
Devotee of Downton Abbey ,especially Lady Mary, ( Mary/Blake and Mary/Matthew), Julie Andrews, The Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, North and South, The Peanuts Gang, Once Upon a Time (I hold a special place in my heart for Emma and Hook) and Broadway.

Also found on this blog: Game of Thrones, Castle, Pride and Prejudice, Persuasion, (and anything related to Jane Austen), and great music in general.

And University of Kentucky Basketball--GO CATS!

I love making new friends, so lets grab a cup of coffee and chat a while!

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A single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities.

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Ross-on-Wye, England (by canong2fan)


Ross-on-Wye, England (by canong2fan)

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screencap meme: Once upon a time + Colors

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Would you mind holding onto this a for a bit longer?”

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Am I the only person who sees this?

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Lana Parrilla | Regard Magazine April, 2014

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I need to follow more OUAT blogs →


You’re the people who can understand how fiercely and passionately attached I am to this show so let’s make friends!

Do you ship Captain Swan? Darling Pan? Hook and yourself? Rumbelle? Swan Queen? Outlaw Queen? I don’t mind who your OTP is; if you love this programme as much as…

Happy Birthday, Sean!

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Anonymous asked: Hmm, let's see: If you were, say, strolling through Prague, how would someone nice sitting on a bench there, drinking coffee (or rather tea) recognize you? Someone whom you might know from tumblr? Some DA obsessed person maybe...? What might that person see to know, that she should cry out for Lala-Kate and make you stop and join her? I love these anonymous questions...

Ha!  Let’s see…look for a fairly tall woman with blonde, crazy hair wearing a “UK” shirt strolling around with a man who could be Colin O’Donoghue’s older brother without the Irish accent and less hair.  If she’s humming “My Favorite Things” or “Chim Chimney”, drinking her own cup of coffee and “Oooing” and “Ahhh-ing” everything she sees, you’ll know without a doubt who it is. ;)

Of course, to be sure, you could always approach the suspect with the phrase, “Am I In the Company of Strangers? If so, could we set up a Play Date or sit on a Park Bench and discuss Things Hidden before playing some Hungover Games?” If the person looks at you like you’re insane, you have made a mistake. Run away before she calls the authorities. However, if she squeals and hugs you, you’ll know it’s me. :D


Castle (Alphabet) (Inspired)

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Anonymous asked: Do any of your friends outside of tumblr know that you write fanfic?


Yes, although not too many. Two of my closest friends are continually texting me for updates of Play Dates and Hungover Games, lol, and I send previews to one for feedback. I also have several friends with whom I work who read my stories. All of them are Strangers fans, ironically, and then from there they all read different things. One of them is thrilled that I’m actually trying my hand at some Captain Swan writing and keeps encouraging me to write more of them.

And yes—my mother actually reads my stories, but she prefers to wait until they’re complete because she hates waiting for updates. ;)

Thanks for the question. Have a great one!

thefoodofloveismusic said: Does your husband read them? :-)

lala-kate said:  No, although I do apprise him of their content. Gazelle-legs and miscreantrose like to tease me that I have a “slutty muse”, as they have dubbed it, when it comes to writing. When I told my husband about their comments, his response was,  ”Well, I’m the smutty muse for your slutty muse.”

Yes—that is his sense of humor, lol. Now you see where so much of my love for banter originates. ;)