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Downton Abbey 5.05

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Anonymous asked: I love your fics, specially the Mary/Blake ones! Thank you for taking the time to write such beautiful stories, I want to write like you one day <3 I've never seen any pictures of you on your blog, can you post a cute selfie for your followers?

You are so sweet, dear anon, and I’m thrilled you enjoy my fics! Thank you so much. I’m not feeling my best today, so this message has cheered me right up along with the soup Mr. Poppins brought me for dinner. :)  I’m hoping to dive into the next chapter of HG in the next week, and I was given a delicious MC prompt last night from whocouldsay (thank you so much, dear one!), so I should be posting some new MC soon. I just love writing them!

As for selfies, I don’t post full selfies here on tumblr—I’m just odd that way. ;)  But here is a partial shot. I’m certainly not looking all that cute or wonderful, but you can see my crazy hair!!!


Can’t stop watching!

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they say they grow up so fast. i just don’t want to miss anything.

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Peanut Butter Cookies by Yummies 4 Tummies on Flickr.

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Am I the only one 100% annoyed by Edith’s creepy stalking of Marigold? I know she’s her biological daughter, and I’m sorry she had to give her up because she lives in a shitty society where you’re slutshamed and shunned if you have out-of-wedlock children BUT. She did give this…

I am with you 100% on this one. Marigold is a child, not a doll. You can’t keep yanking her out of one family and placing her in another. This child has parents, and while it may be breaking Edith’s heart, she needs to truly show love for her daughter and let her go. I would be very disturbed by her behavior if I were Mrs. Drew and would be planning a move immediately. This has bothered me tremendously and makes me want to smack Edith rather than hug her. Children are human beings, and Marigold is in a secure, stable home with the only parents she knows. Leave her there. Biology doesn’t make you a fit parent. Adoptive ties are just as strong.

You know what scene I want next episode?


George with Tony and George with Charles.  So we can finally see how Tony reacts with Mary’s son and how Charles is with him still.  That’s all I want.

Do you ever wish you could just watch a Fanfiction?




This is the most honest answer you can put on this post.

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Charles Blake 5x05

OMG the lip licking thing in that last gif.  adamsforthought send help!!!!

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mmmm but charles blake <3

Anonymous asked: JF has slightly surprised me so far. I honestly have no idea where this whole 'love square' is going. I'm game for anything except for Mary to get back with Gilly. Do you think it will happen that Mary realizes that she does want Gilly after seeing him interacting with MLF?? I'd like to hear your thoughts based on your impression and writer's intuition. Thank you!

Mary getting back with Gillingham would astound me—and not in any good ways, mind you. And no. As a writer, I have never felt as if we were supposed to ship Mary/Tony—ever. I have believed from his second episode that he was a means to an end and did not possess the wherewithal to truly engage Mary’s heart. To me, Tony has been written as a hunky red-herring who helped awaken Mary to the fact that she is still alive and has much love to offer someone else, but he is not going to be the recipient of that love.

The point is, he’s not challenging enough for her. He would bore her to tears. Mabel hit the mark with that one last night.

Mary needs to be challenged and appreciated for who she is, not worshiped, idolized or stalked. (Depending upon how you view Gillingham and his manner towards Mary.)  Matthew challenged her and saw past her prickliness into the beauty she guards inside. Charles challenges her and relishes her fire and bite with everything he’s got. They are different men but both equal to the task of truly loving and challenging the amazing and complex woman that she is.

I don’t think Mary is going to have any second thoughts about sending Tony in Mabel’s direction, but I wonder if Mabel might about going back to him. I think most of us are very leery of Tony after that display by the Peter Pan statue. I mean, he should take his peter and hook it elsewhere, if you ask me. (Forgive me…long day.;)

I am now shipping Mabel with Tom Branson—wouldn’t they be a glorious pair!!!  Snark, sass, strength, and lord knows Mabel could hold her own against Robert. :)  

Anyone else ready to ship Tabel (Tom/Mabel)? :D  Perhaps if we create a petition…


oq + autumn colors

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