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tersaseda replied to your post: “Well my work day was shit. Time to try to make it better with a rum…”:
I expect more Snow/Hook from you. And yes, I’m extremely aware I’m being annoying about this.

You’re not annoying! I find it hilarious that something…

This crackship nearly put me in the fetal position last night with feels. MORE!  PLEASE! Gahhh…and I don’t ship it either! 


this does things to me

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This next case is pretty extreme, but Castle seems to think he can handle it. #Castle


This next case is pretty extreme, but Castle seems to think he can handle it. #Castle

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I’m going to let the characters answer this one, too! (And this will probably be way AU after the next episode or two, but oh, well):

1. Who made the first move?

Killian: Emma
Emma: Yeah, well, I wanted to wipe that smug look off of your face after saving my father. Besides, we both know who really couldn’t handle it.
Killian: That’s debatable, love.

2. Who said “I love you” first?

Emma: He did.
Killian: I beg to differ.
Emma: You did, though.
Killian: No, I didn’t.
Emma: That time doesn’t count!
Killian: Oh, but it does.

3. Do you fight?

Killian: Aye. Who doesn’t?
Emma: My parents.
Killian: I’ve seen them have a rather nice row a time or two.
Emma: Yeah, I guess you’re right. But they fight less than everyone else. It’s kind of annoying sometimes.
Killian: Mm. I’m inclined to agree.

4. Big spoon/Little spoon?

Killian: I don’t care as long as she’s in my bed.
Emma: Or in my bed.
Killian: I still don’t care. And it’s our bed, love.
Emma: He snores.
Killian: Now, there’s no call for besmirching my good name, lass.
Emma: Really loudly.
Killian: You’ll pay for that.
Emma: (innocent smile) Promise?

5. Who wears the pants?

Killian: I’m man enough to admit that it’s Emma who steers the rudder.
Emma: Really?
Killian: I’m merely a dashing pirate. You’re the savior. And I like a girl who knows her own mind.
Emma: Does that mean you like Regina? Because she definitely knows her own mind.
Killian: Come to think of it, maybe I did chase after the wrong woman.
Emma: (flat look) Is that right?
Killian: I probably wouldn’t have even needed to reform my less-than-noble nature in order to win her heart. But then again, I’ve always preferred a challenge.
Emma: Nice save there at the end, Hook.
Killian: I thought so.

6. Who remembers anniversaries?

Emma: He’s a sap.
Killian: (shrug) I’ve no regrets on that account. Contrary to prevailing opinions, pirates are sentimental fools when it comes to a beautiful lass.
Emma: Yep.

7. Who’s the better cook?

Emma and Killian: Me.
Emma: Are you serious?
Killian: While you’re capable enough, I have the superior skills.
Emma: Wanna bet?
Killian: Name your terms, Swan.
Emma: All right. Tomorrow night: we’ll each prepare our best dish and let David and Mary Margaret decide who’s better.
Killian: Your parents aren’t exactly unbiased, love.
Emma: Then who do you think should judge?
Killian: Henry.
Emma: Henry? My son? You think he won’t be biased?
Killian: Oh, he’s grown quite fond of me. And he’s an honest enough lad.
Emma: Fine. If I win, you don’t get to wear leather for a month.
Killian: And you do, when I win.

8. Favorite activity?

Killian: (smirk)
Emma: (rolls her eyes) Other than that.
Killian: Sailing. Adventure. Quiet makes me restless.
Emma: Yeah. I thought I wanted a nice, quiet life. But when things are settled, I always feel…
Killian: Bored?
Emma: I was going to say that I feel like something bad’s about to happen, you know?
Killian: I won’t deny that seems to be the case, but I also believe you crave excitement.
Emma: I don’t know about that.
Killian: I do. Otherwise, why choose a devilish rogue such as myself as your companion?
Emma: I hate it when you’re right.
Killian: I know, love. I’m sadly irresistible.

9. How would you get engaged?

Killian: I can assure you that when I ask for her hand it won’t be in some restaurant with champagne. I’ll leave that lack of imagination to Zelena’s flying abominations.
Emma: You’re never going to let me live that down.
Killian: Not a single day.
Emma: (raises brow) So, when you ask for my hand?
Killian: True love’s kiss broke Zelena’s curse, lass. I’m fairly certain that means this story ends in a happily-ever-after.
Emma: It’d better.
Killian: Oh, it will. You’ve my word on that.

10. How do you picture your wedding?

Killian: On the high seas at sunset.
Emma: You’ve already got this all planned out.
Killian: Well, I’ve had some time to imagine what I do with you once I won your heart.
Emma: You’re ruining your bad boy image.
Killian: (laughs) Oh, I don’t know about that. Rumple may have a soft spot for Belle, but he’s still a force to be reckoned with. Why should I be any different?

11. How many children?

Emma: This ought to be good.
Killian: Worried that I want a half dozen strapping sons, Emma?
Emma: Is that what you want?
Killian: (shrug) A brother or a sister for Henry would be nice, wouldn’t you agree?
Emma: Maybe.
Killian: That’s good enough for me, love.


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this is so great omg i read it in their voices and saw them bickering in my head hahaha

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Theatre Challenge: 8/9 Shows
The Lion King

My great friend from high school is in the National Touring cast of The Lion King… among other things he’s the rhino’s backside!!!

Will wonders never cease…

I may have something ready to post tomorrow and something else ready for next week. :) I am rather amazed with the crazy, haphazard writing schedule I have had the past two weeks! 


Papping the Papz!


Papping the Papz!

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ouat meme
6 scenes [1/6] regina and robin’s kiss (3x17)

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Season 5: Behind the Scenes | Lesley Nicol, Penelope Wilton, Dame Maggie Smith, Michelle Dockery, Hugh Bonneville, Allen Leech, Rob James-Collier


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Captain Hook  +  Um… Preferences

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hookedonforest asked: Ha, ha, ha! I just saw your tag 'always reblog the kiss'. You are so already one of us. I LOVE IT! And you started to watch the show in January, right? Yep, Killian/Colin does that to women. :-)

Oh yes—I am completely one of you, and as for Killian/Colin—-GAHHHHH! ;)  Thank you for welcoming me into the amazing CS fold!  Yes—I started OUAT in January, and I am FINALLY caught up!!!  (This week—it happened this week….and I nearly wept during the Jolly Roger. My heart just hurt!!!) I may even be able to participate in watching this week’s episode with everybody else. But my head just might explode, and that would not be pretty.

I have now gotten my parents and favorite aunt completely addicted. My parents are just starting S3, and my aunt is still on S1. My dad has become a big Rumple fan (he thinks Robert Carlyle is amazing), while my mother just loves Snow, Emma and Charming and thinks Hook is a hottie, even if she’s not sure about his character yet. ;) Yes—it’s becoming the other family addiction. (I got them all hooked on Downton Abbey, as well…) 

Big hugs to you, girl!  And yes—I will always reblog the kiss: both CS and now OQ as well!


Mary on farm duty again, spoilers series 5


Mary on farm duty again, spoilers series 5

HBO releases details on the May episodes of Game of Thrones Season Four →

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