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Then one of us is right and one is wrong.

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           born Julia Elizabeth Wells on 1 October 1935

"Hopefully I brought people a certain joy. That will be a wonderful legacy"

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Good Vibes HERE

Goodness, Granny has a past!

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Robin Hood in 4x01 “A Tale Of Two Sisters”.

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TLDW: Downton Abbey 5x02

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Happy Birthday, Julie Andrews! (October 1, 1935)

I want to represent what musicals used to be. It’s a huge responsibility to carry on the tradition and the heritage, and let everyone know how wonderful they were, are and can be.

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Blaming Mr. Poppins for the fact that I lost two followers overnight. ;) It’s rather nice to have such a convenient scapegoat!

The trouble that husband of mine causes….

Have a lovely Wednesday, those of you who are brave enough to still follow this crazy blog. ;) May your coffee be strong, your tea just right, and your heart filled with good things. 


It’s autumn equinox! :)I wish you all a beautiful first day of autumn! xxx


It’s autumn equinox! :)

I wish you all a beautiful first day of autumn! 

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"We have a crisis right now."

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Mr. Poppins will answer more questions tomorrow.

We’ve enjoyed your asks immensely, even if he does get cheeky sometimes. ;)

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Robin crying every day without her… D:

I mean

You know he does.

Ohhh, poor guy. He is totally distraught. I do have to feel bad for him. Yes he’s making a decision…

sybbelle asked: After reading Mr Poppins' answers, and going on our theory that you really are Mary Poppins, in going to have to assume that he's really Burt 😉

Now why would you assume something like that? ;)


Anonymous asked: Question for Mr. Poppins - some have argued that Blake 'gave up' on pursuing Mary in 5.02, and that he isn't the annoyingly faithful chap he claimed to be in S4CS. Do you think he have up as much as he tried to shake Mary about her decision? Any thoughts on why Mary is falling for a creep like Gilly when there are less creepy men around?

Blake hasn’t given up. He’s giving her room. He respects her as a person and wants her to make up her own mind. He is smart enough to realize that the one thing you don’t do is back Mary Crawley into a corner. And I think he has enough self-respect not to grovel and manipulate. There is a difference between just giving up and accepting a decision you don’t like out of respect for the person who made it.

The second part of this is tricky. Usually when a woman falls for a creep she mistakenly believes that she doesn’t deserve any better. But I don’t think that’s the case with Mary. I think a part of her feels like she can control Tony, but Blake is far too independent for that. As long as she withheld sex from Gillingham, she could pretty much get him to do whatever she wanted. But now she has given him the upper hand without realizing it. I am really curious to see how he reacts when he finds out she purchased a diaphragm. I don’t think he’s going to be all that pleased, and this may start to open her eyes. 

todreaminscarlet asked: LOVING Mr. Poppin's opinions!!! :)

Awww! I am so glad!  We had to take a break to get the kids to bed, but he has one left to answer. (and for me to type, lol. )  We are having a lot of fun with this. And he is happy to take more questions…it just will probably be tomorrow before they get answered. :)