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How my daughter’s Princess Make-over Party went today…we all had a blast!  :D

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  1. everthingdownton said: Wow. This looks like a great party. You’re a terrific mother to do this for her. She’ll always remember it.
  2. patsan said: *hugs*
  3. owlsiehoot said: awww!!! best birthday party ever :-)
  4. maryjosephineblake said: Haha ‘princess party carnage’ — that is an apt way to describe the end of a child’s birthday party :)
  5. i-can-if-i-want-to said: gaaaaasp!! <3 I’d like to beee there!!
  6. jennonthego reblogged this from lala-kate and added:
    What a fabulous party!!!
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