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Warning:  Contains mild spoilers to both DA S4 and Disney’s Frozen

Second Warning:  This is no way, shape or form supposed to resemble a deep, philosophical meme. You have been warned. 

I was probably the only person in the theater who did this (and possibly the only one in the world who will), but this is where my mind journeyed yesterday when my family and I went to see Frozen. (Which we all adored, in case you were wondering.)

Princess Anna is determined to save her kingdom. Dashing Prince Hans arrives and attempts to sweep her off her feet, proposes marriage just hours after meeting her, and offers  step in and do whatever is necessary to help her in this time of crisis. Anna then unwittingly enlists the aid of commoner Kristoff, a man who sells ice, whose best friend is a likable reindeer, and who considers a cute group of trolls his family. (Not exactly pigs, but hey…work with me, here. ) To top it off, he and Anna don’t exactly hit it off at first. She tries to order him about, he tells her he does things his own way. Hmmmm…..

Yes—I am too obsessed with Downton. I have no qualms in owning up to this fact. And yes—I have only had one cup of coffee as of yet this morning…perhaps another would be helpful.  But this was just too much fun not to share. :D 

Happy Black Friday, everyone!

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